Can we become one voice from coast to coast to coast?

On Nov. 23, all Canadian Anglicans are invited to sing the hymn “Amazing Grace,” wherever and whenever they can—in their church, on a boat, in a trio, or with a crowd of noisy teens.

This is a time to get creative. This is a time to join together. It’s called the Amazing Grace Project.

What’s really amazing is that we will be able to watch each other by video. Already some Amazing Grace videos are on the website, and all parishes are encouraged to videotape their version and send it to the General Synod office of the Anglican Church of Canada by Dec. 1, 2008. The tapes will be edited together into one big, amazing “Amazing Grace” video and put online by Christmas.

If you want to take your participation up another notch, you can donate to the Council of the North, the group of financially assisted dioceses in Canada’s north. The Amazing Grace Project has partnered with the council, and singers are encouraged, if they are able, to donate a toonie to the council’s vibrant northern ministry, as one way (among many) of sharing God’s amazing grace.

So you probably have a bunch of questions. Take a look at the frequently asked questions, and if that doesn’t help, drop us a line.

The Amazing Grace Project, which gained life after an idea expressed at a meeting of the Communications and Information Resources Committee, is a simple thing—Canadian Anglicans singing together. It will be a reminder of God’s amazing grace in each of our lives, as individuals, and as a church. And it will be a lot of fun.

Pray about it. Talk about it. Plan for it. Do it.

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