Carriere to oversee Philanthropy

The Ven. Michael Pollesel, General Secretary of General Synod, has announced the appointment of  Vianney (Sam) Carriere as Interim Director of the Department of Philanthropy.

Carriere, Director of Communications and Information Resources, recently completed an assignment as Acting General Secretary while Pollesel was on leave following a car accident.

In an announcement to General Synod staff, Pollesel said: “The Primate and I have had a conversation regarding the position left vacant by the recent resignation of Holland Hendrix as the Director of Philanthropy. Following this conversation, I have decided to delegate oversight of the Philanthropy Department staff to Sam Carriere on an interim basis.”

The Ven. John Robertson, Gift Planning Officer and the longest-serving member of the department, will assume the title of Senior Management Officer and assist Carriere in day-to-day management.

Carriere will also remain as communications director.

“I am certainly not a fundraiser,” Carriere said after the announcement. “But the Department of Philanthropy has staff who are expert at that. My tasks as Interim Director will be to support them in their work and at the management level, and to help them strategize, build relationships and communicate with the wider Church.”

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