Diocesan editors gather on the Rock

Diocesan newspapers in Toronto and Fredericton were recognized for general excellence at a gathering in June of the Anglican Editors Association.

The Anglican, Toronto’s diocesan paper, and the New Brunswick Anglican, from the diocese of Fredericton, won the two general excellence awards in the association’s gold and silver categories.

The awards’ judges, secular media professionals from across the country, noted about the Anglican: “Editor Stuart Mann rises to the challenge of his assignment, giving us a publication filled with news and columns that are well written and clearly presented.”

The Anglican also won an award for news writing and was runner-up in the layout category.

Huron Church News, the diocese of Huron’s newspaper, was runner-up in the gold category, which is comprised of publications which have previously won in the category.

In the silver category, the judge said general excellence award winner New Brunswick Anglican “tackled the widest spectrum of church life – leadership, planning, parish activities, outreach, inreach, ecumenism, politics, worship, history … It manages to cover all these topics in a layout that never looks crammed. It displays good news judgment, especially on its front page.”

Ana Watts, president of the Anglican Editors Association and editor of the New Brunswick Anglican, also picked up awards in the categories of best front page, youth contribution and best column for one of her paper’s regular columns.

Runner-up for general excellence in the silver category was The Sower, the newspaper of the diocese of Calgary.

The Anglican Editors Association has been meeting annually since 1990 to gather the 21 diocesan publications that publish in partnership with the national church’s newspaper, the Anglican Journal. Prior to the 1990s, diocesan editors gathered at conferences sponsored by the Anglican Journal or the Canadian Churchman, as the Journal used to be known. The gathering features professional development and reports from national church staff on changes in circulation and postal issues. Twenty-eight editors and associate editors attended the most recent meeting.

In other business, the editors also voted to open the association’s membership to national, provincial and diocesan website editors. Several newspaper editors also expressed interest in forging a partnership with the Anglican Journal website which would provide each diocesan newspaper with its own website, making their publications available online.

Other award winners included:

  • Dialogue (diocese of Ontario) – GOLD: winner – editorial/opinion writing; runner-up – photography; SILVER: winner – feature writing; runner-up – layout; winner – news writing; winner – regular column; winner – youth;
  • Saskatchewan Anglican (dioceses of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Qu’Appelle) – GOLD: runner-up – editorial/opinion writing; SILVER: runner-up – youth;
  • High Way (diocese of Kootenay) – GOLD: winner – regular column; winner – humour; SILVER: runner-up – editorial/opinion writing;
  • Sower (diocese of Calgary) – GOLD: runner-up – humour; winner – layout; SILVER: runner-up – general excellence; runner-up – news writing;
  • Crosstalk (diocese of Ottawa) – GOLD: winner – front page; SILVER: runner-up – photography
  • Anglican Life (dioceses of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador, Central Newfoundland and Western Newfoundland) – GOLD: runner-up – front page; SILVER: winner – photography;
  • Quebec Diocesan Gazette (diocese of Quebec) – GOLD: winner – photography;
  • Huron Church News (diocese of Huron) – GOLD: runner-up – general excellence; SILVER: winner – editorial/opinion writing; runner-up – photography;
  • Topic (diocese of New Westminster) – SILVER: runner-up – feature writing;
  • Niagara Anglican (diocese of Niagara) – SILVER: runner-up – front page; winner – humour; runner-up – regular column;
  • Mustard Seed (diocese of Brandon) – SILVER: runner-up – humour; winner – most improved;
  • Rupert’s Land News (diocese of Rupert’s Land) – SILVER: winner – layout.


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