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General Synod welcomes settlement in Ralph Rowe Class Action

Today the court approved a settlement negotiated in a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of victims of Ralph Rowe against the Diocese of Keewatin and Scouts Canada. The settlement means that victims will be able to receive compensation for the abuse suffered, and to hear words of apology.

In 2017 then General Secretary Michael Thompson indicated that then Primate Fred Hiltz was committed to apologizing for the abuse committed by Rowe while he was in the employ of the Church. The Church paused its steps towards an apology to avoid commenting on a matter before the courts and has been grateful for the feedback gained from survivors, their Elders and their communities throughout this process about the words and commitments that would be most meaningful to them. With the approval of the settlement, it will be possible for Primate Linda Nicholls to conclude her consultation with Indigenous leaders and to make an informed, engaged and too long delayed apology on behalf of the whole Church. We are currently consulting with Indigenous leaders in order to appropriately deliver that apology.

We continue to pray for the healing of those who have suffered harm.

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