Governance Working Group analyzes Covenant

The Anglican Church of Canada’s Governance Working Group (GWG) has issued its report on the Anglican Covenant, a document that, if accepted, will define relations among the Anglican Communion’s 38 provinces. The full GWG report and executive summary are available online.

This GWG report is one step in the Anglican Church of Canada’s ongoing consideration of the Covenant. A resolution at General Synod 2010 (A137) requested several actions to advance this work. First, the Anglican Communion Working Group was asked to prepare materials for parishes and dioceses to study the Covenant and give feedback. These materials were released June 9 and are available online.

Both the GWG and the Faith, Worship, and Ministry Committee were asked to assess the Covenant by “providing advice on the theological, ecclesiological, legal, and constitutional implications.”

The resolution also requested that “conversations, both within the Anglican Church of Canada and across the Communion, reflect the values of openness, transparency, generosity of spirit, and integrity, which have been requested repeatedly in the context of the discussion of controversial matters within the Communion.”

After this period of consideration, the Council of General Synod will bring a recommendation regarding adoption of the Covenant to General Synod 2013.

Feedback on the GWG report can be sent by email or post:

Governance Working Group
c/o Anglican Church of Canada
80 Hayden Street
M4Y 3G2

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