Healthy parishes

Healthy parishes are the heartbeat of our church. We have a variety of parishes across Canada – large, small, urban, rural, thriving, struggling. Many are using creative ideas and programs, suited to their context, to build strong, vibrant communities of faith. This is good news that needs to be shared!

This section of the website endeavours to draw together information for building and sustaining healthy parishes gathered from different parts of Canada and North America. Where possible it links the information to a contact person who is engaged with the resource so you can find out directly how it works. The site includes weblinks; reviews of resources; conference news; and information about programs and organizations. It is a work in constant progress as it will rely on input from Anglicans across the country to commend information, books or resources that ought to be shared more widely. Suggestions for changes – additions or other comments – please forward to Canon Linda Nicholls.


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