Lynne Samways Hiltz chimes in on "Amazing Grace"

On a sunny summer day, Lynne Samways Hiltz, wife of Archbishop Fred Hiltz, the Primate, ventured out to the Scarborough Bluffs alongside Lake Ontario. With the help of Anglican Video staff, she recorded her own contributions to the Amazing Grace Project, where all Canadian Anglicans are invited to sing “Amazing Grace,” on or before Nov. 23, 2008. The purpose of the project is to celebrate our identity as Canadian Anglicans and also to raise funds for the Council of the North. Learn more here.

Mrs. Samways Hiltz began by reading a children’s story on the history of the hymn “Amazing Grace,” but then she said she felt called to do something more. Much to the delight of staff, she was soon singing out the hymn a cappella. Watch the videos here (and look out for the swan that followed them during their video shoot!)

The Amazing Grace Project is picking up speed as it heads towards Nov. 23. Check out the website for more videos and a new resource: Sunday school material for Nov. 23 (PDF) prepared by Fiona Brownlee, communications officer for the Diocese of Keewatin and the Council of the North.

Your own contributions of videos or thoughts are always welcome, and summer is a great time to gather your Canadian Anglican community to sing together—at camp, in a canoe, on a beach, or at the cottage!

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