New essays continue church's discernment on human sexuality

New essays on human sexuality, written by Canadian Anglican theologians, are now available for your consideration, as part of the Anglican Church of Canada’s ongoing discernment about the blessing of same-sex unions.

At the last national meeting, General Synod 2007, the church decided that same-sex blessings were not in conflict with core doctrine but still did not allow individual parishes to bless these unions. The church also acknowledged that deep theological reflection on the topic was needed. Specifically, the Primate’s Theological Commission, a group of 12 Canadian Anglican theologians, was mandated to consider these topics:

  1. The theological question of whether the blessing of same-sex unions is a faithful, Spirit-led development of Christian doctrine
  2. Scripture’s witness to the integrity of every human person and the question of the sanctity of human relationships

The commission was asked to consult with the wider Canadian Anglican church as it prepares responses, which is where these new essays, as well as your response, fit in.

If you are interested in submitting your own essay on one of the above questions, or in commenting on one of the other essays, please email your contribution to the Rev. Canon Alyson Barnett-Cowan, Director of Faith, Worship, and Ministry.

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