New website for Partners in Mission and Ecojustice

Canadian Anglicans knit “mission” and “justice” a little closer together when they approved the new Partners in Mission and Ecojustice (PMEJ) Committee at the 2007 General Synod. Now a new, redesigned website explains how PMEJ works—and more.

If you’re interested in a website tour, start with the “How we work” section, which explains why the Partners in Mission Committee joined with the Ecojustice Committee. As the website text explains, the merge “was in part a response to the globalized context of our work, which could no longer be separated into categories of ‘Canadian justice’ and ‘international mission.'”

Then find some familiar resources, like Praying with our Partners and information about Justice Camps. The website also includes new interactive maps, where you can locate current Volunteers in Mission and previous ones.

Finally, check out the Areas of Action that PMEJ is focusing on. Perhaps you’ll find some ideas on how to knit mission and justice together in your community.

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