Playing on the word "grace" for Amazing Grace Sunday

The Amazing Grace team at General Synod has been sending out lots of ideas to keep the creative juices flowing for Nov. 23. On this special Sunday, all Canadian Anglicans are encouraged to sing “Amazing Grace,” film their rendition, and send it to the national office so it can be included in a compilation video, to be put online by Christmas.

One parish has decided to incorporate several ideas at once. Not only will the Church of the Advent in Victoria, B.C. record their parish singing, but their service will include several plays on the word “grace.”

When they gather together, parishioners will share favourite table graces, and in their prayer they will note “grace notes”—times when God has moved in their lives. They will reflect on the life of John Newton, former slave ship captain and writer of “Amazing Grace,” and selections from Philip Yancey’s book, What’s So Amazing About Grace? Finally, the congregation will have some fun with the idea of “Graceland,” which they’ll explore as more than just Elvis’s home, but a place we inhabit every day.

The Sunday service will also include video performances, a scavenger hunt, and a documentary.

Is your parish ready to sing in 9 days? Share your story, or see what gets you inspired on the Amazing Grace Project website.

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