Primate reviews past three years in his final webcast

In his final segment of +Andrew: Conversations With the Primate Archbishop Andrew Hutchison reviews key priorities, moments and events of the past three years.

The webcasts have been the embodiment of one of those priorities — enhanced communications with the church — and Archbishop Hutchison became the first church leader to engage church members in a direct conversation using the internet.

This webcasts consists of several segments that cover communications and youth as priorities, overseas travel, domestic travel, the appointment of a National Indigenous Bishop, the negotiation of a new Residential Schools Agreement, and the Primate’s thoughts on the Bishop Ordinary of the Armed Forces, the Anglican Foundation and the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund.

Archbishop Hutchison will officially retire as Primate with the election of a successor on June 22.

As always, viewers are invited to write to the Primate by emailing [email protected].


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