Primate welcomes statement by Archbishop of Canterbury

The Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, Archbishop Michael Peers, today welcomed yesterday’s open letter from the Archbishop of Canterbury to the Rev. Dr. Trevor Walters. Dr. Walters had earlier written to Archbishop Carey asking for his direct intervention in the Diocese of New Westminster. In his letter Archbishop Carey said that, while his own position on same-sex relations is known, he is “sorry to learn that some walked out of the Synod debate” and “alarmed by the statements of those who appear to be determined to look elsewhere for episcopal oversight in place of the extended episcopal support which Bishop Ingham has offered.”

Archbishop Peers was encouraged by the letter from Archbishop Carey, saying that, “while his views on same-sex relationships are well-known, what is not so often acknowledged is his deep commitment to the unity of the church.” He praised the Archbishop as a model who “even in the face of strong disagreements, including his own convictions on the issue of homosexuality, has acted to uphold the church’s order.”

Archbishop Peers expressed reservation in response to one aspect of Archbishop Carey’s letter, his proposal to refer the issue to the September meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council.

“Our national meetings of the Council of General Synod and the House of Bishops will not have taken place at that time and external advice that precedes our process of consultation within the Anglican Church of Canada could be perceived as not appropriate,” said Archbishop Peers.

In a related matter, the Primate stated that he has decided not to call an emergency meeting of the House of Bishops at this time, given practical and financial considerations, “but even more importantly, given the need for us to be patient and to come well prepared to the discussion of this issue at our meeting in October. Both in our own times and through the centuries, Anglicans have best discerned the will of God, the mind of Christ and the leading of the Spirit by taking time rather than by making haste.”

Open letter from the Archbishop of Canterbury to Rev. Trevor Walters

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