Sept. 13 is Vision 2019 Sunday

Vision 2019 Sunday, Sept. 13, is the next big push to get Canadian Anglicans weighing in on the future of the church before the Oct. 1 deadline. Churches across Canada are gathering responses to the question, “Where is your church now, and where do you want the Anglican Church of Canada to be in 2019?” Already hundreds of thoughts have poured in: affirming, critical, in emails or in art—it’s been a healthy variety.

By now you’ve received many updates about the project, and may have formed reasons for why you or your congregation can’t participate. Scroll down to find your particular hold-up.

1. It’s too late to organize something at my church.

Answer:  If you keep it simple, it is possible. Have your parishioners write down a prayer for the church during the Prayers of the People, then fax these responses in, to 1-866-496-3057.  You can also ask a couple of parishioners to stay 15 minutes after the service and write down their thoughts. Provide stamps and postcards. The address is:

Vision 2019
Anglican Church of Canada
80 Hayden Street
Toronto, Ont.
M4Y 3G2

2. I am too busy.

Answer: Here are two quick ways to respond from your desk in under 15 minutes:

  • Leave a short phone message at our toll-free number
  • Email a couple of sentences to the Vision 2019 Team

3. I’m not sure what to say.

Answer: You do not have to be polished or politically correct. The Vision 2019 Team just wants your honest thoughts. You can always ask that your response not be shared online, so that it’s just between you and the team.

Why is Vision 2019 being promoted  so heavily? Because it is a democratic project to get the pulse of the Anglican Church of Canada. It’s tough to reach the grassroots and find out what’s really going on, but the Vision 2019 Team is trying. And the Vision 2019 Team will listen to you so that General Synod 2010 can know what you think.

Learn about how to send in your response on the Vision 2019 website.

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