The Community of St. Anselm invites young Christians to spend “a year in God’s time” at Lambeth Palace. Photo: Fæ, via Wikimedia Commons

Young Christians invited to spend a year at Lambeth Palace

By André Forget, Anglican Journal

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A new community will be taking root at Lambeth Palace in September, and it has just started accepting applications.

The Community of St. Anselm, named for the medieval intellectual and former Archbishop of Canterbury, is accepting applications from across the Communion from young people who want to spend “a year in God’s time” living at Lambeth Palace in prayer, study and spiritual discovery.

Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, says that he expects the community “to have radical impact” on both the individuals involved and the worldwide Communion. “I urge young people to step up: here is an open invitation to be transformed and to transform,” he said in a blog posting on the community’s website.

There are 16 residential places open at Lambeth Palace itself, but an additional 40 non-residential places are available as well. Residential members of the community will “eat, pray, study, serve and worship together under a Rule of Life,” while non-residential members will, also following the Rule of Life, engage with the community at least once a week and in more intensive ways at various points in the year. Places are open to both single and married people, but in the case of a married couple, both partners must apply due to the intensive and immersive nature of the community.

No formal qualifications are needed to become a member of the community, but applicants are required to be between the ages of 20 and 35, participate regularly in a community of Christian worship and have a reasonable degree of proficiency in English. In addition to a passion for prayer and spiritual growth, candidates will be selected with an eye to “maximizing diversity and quality of group dynamics, as well as on the particular gift mix and personal characteristics of our applications.”

See additional details, information for international applicants, and how to apply online to join in September 2015.

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