A thought-provoking and informative video developed by the Faith, Worship, and Ministry committee of General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada.

Written on the Heart is hosted by well-known journalist and broadcaster, Peter Downie. It also features interviews with noted Canadian theologians, teachers, and biblical scholars, such as the Rev. Dr. David Neelands, the Rev. Dr. George Sumner, Dr. Walter Deller, the Rev. Canon Linda Nicholls, and the Rev. Canon Murray Still.

The program begins by pointing out that spiritual truth and understanding of the Bible do not necessarily result from lengthy academic exploration. It looks at how placing the Bible in context is key to gaining a deeper understanding of it, and tackles the issue of relevancy from a societal and personal perspective. The question of using the bible as a literal, moral, and ethical rule book for life is explored.

A thoughtful discussion on disagreeing about biblical interpretation, including the use of biblical quotes to justify a specific moral issue, will be helpful to those looking to integrate the Scriptures into their daily lives.

The program is designed so that it can be comfortably viewed in a single session, or conveniently divided into eight stand-alone sessions for a series of bible studies over a number of days or weeks.