A #heartbeatprayer from the Diocese of Montreal


Heartbeat of the Church Online Thursday, January 10th 2019 6 pm -7:30

  • Thank you God for all the Anglicans who have come before and after us for reminding us who you are, what you want us to be and how you would like us to serve.
  • Give us eyes to see those around us who are different, those who feel isolated and alone. Give us a heart for groups of people who have visible or invisible disabilities. Give us a heart for fellowship, and increase our capacity for all ministries to all the baptized.
  • Transform your church that it will truly become your hands and feet to the world.
  • Lord, a church is a bunch of people who get things wrong … abide in me to take the ups and the downs in the completeness of life. We get glimpses of your presence when it doesn’t happen and when it does.  The church does make a difference for those in it and touched by it.
  • Thank you God for the blessing of Primate Fred Hiltz who strives to listen to the heartbeat of the church. May our prayers bear fruit in your world.