A #heartbeatprayer from the Diocese of Montreal


God, Jesus and Holy Spirit, please accept our sharing of heartache that we see in our church.  Thank you for the heartaches which we find difficult but which we reflect on later and from which we grow.

Thank you for the hope and gladness we experience when we engage in ecumenical events and services, when we pass the peace and experience community, and when we are able to encounter “the other” in a meaningful way. Thank you when we see healing of divisions amongst us, and are reminded that when we turn to you in prayer that you bring us healing and renewed community.

Thank you for the hope we see in our church when we come together in study, prayer and in community, and see the growth of love and understanding between one another.  Thanksgiving when the church responds to societal change; and when we become more open with one another and are able to share our faith and relationship with Jesus.  We pray that our Church will become an example to the world of thoughtful dialogue and openness to change.

And finally God, may our hearts, minds and spirit be opened to the whispers of transformation. And may we continue to deepen our faith, grow our outreach, and cultivate our  mission,  as we are called to humbly serve your world with love and care.