Appeal for Ahli Hospital’s emergency relief of the victims of the violent conflict in Gaza

The Most Rev. Hosam E. Naoum, Archbishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem, has shared a plea with the diocese’s global partners for emergency relief in response to overburdened hospitals in the region, stemming from a recent eruption of violence. The Anglican Church of Canada and the Diocese of Jerusalem have been companions in mission for many years.

The text of the statement can be found below, or you can view the PDF here.

Statement on the Recent Escalation of Violence in Gaza
“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God” (Matt 5 :9)

Over the past two days, the world has reacted in horror at the sudden eruption of violence in Gaza, which, to date, has resulted in the deaths of more than twenty innocent civilians, including women and children, as well as the serious injury of 144 more, and the destruction of at least 28 family residences. The predictable retaliatory response has led to the evacuation of the areas bordering Gaza, sparking an escalating cycle of violence that has continued through several terrifying rounds.

The Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem decries the indiscriminate use of force that has led to these tragedies, and calls upon the opposing parties to deescalate hostilities and swiftly adopt a cease-fire.

Throughout this emergency, the dedicated staff of our Ahli Hospital in Gaza, at great personal risk, have been working around the clock, tending to the wounded and accepting urgent surgical cases that other overburdened hospitals have been unable to take. This flood of patients has taxed their limited resources, leading to shortages of medicines, medical supplies, and fuel for their generators that must run for extended hours due to electrical black-outs.

Archbishop Hosam Naoum therefore appeals to our international partners and all persons of goodwill for their financial support of Ahli Hospital’s ministry during this crisis and its aftermath. He also bids churches throughout the Anglican Communion and wider Christendom to pray for an end to this conflict so that the concerned parties can begin to contemplate steps leading to a just and lasting peace in Gaza and throughout the entirety of the Holy Land.


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