Picture of the Ukrainian flag, blue and yellow colours, against the background of a blue sky.

Primate: On the anniversary of the war in Ukraine

On February 24th we mark a full year since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia began a protracted war. Bombing of cities, destruction of infrastructure, and daily loss of life continue with no end in sight.  We have seen the resilience and courage of the Ukrainian people as they have resisted the unprovoked aggression of the Russian president. We have watched as the rest of the world discerns what actions of support will help and seek the delicate balance that will not escalate this conflict into a worldwide conflagration with a nuclear power.

The Desecration of Mount Zion Cemetery in Jerusalem

As church leaders we are grateful for the ongoing commitment of the government of Canada to human rights around the world. We are particularly grateful for the ongoing support of the special and historic status of Jerusalem as a city sacred to the Abrahamic faiths, including Christianity. It is in light of that support that we write to express our deep concern for the recent desecration of the Protestant cemetery on Mt. Zion, currently under the oversight of the Anglican Church in Jerusalem.

Swainsona formosa, Sturt's Desert Pea

From the Primate: We remember

“We find our hearts torn with the agony of lamenting the dead and wounded who, on behalf of others, served and serve in the Armed Forces…. We remember with grief. We remember all places of war and conflict past and present.”