Same-sex blessing vote results to be announced

Same-sex blessings could be a reality in the diocese of New Westminster after synod voted on the issue late today. Results will be announced mid-day, June 15.

While a motion before synod had asked Bishop Michael Ingham to prepare a rite for the blessing of same-sex relationships, while still providing a conscience clause, the movers of that motion, Motion 4, withdrew it in favour of an alternative proposal by the bishop. Bishop Ingham’s proposal stated that the he would approve same-sex blessings in the diocese, yet still provide a conscience clause and the appointment of an episcopal visitor for those parishes and clergy which disapproved of the change in diocesan policy.

The bishop’s proposal stopped short of providing alternative episcopal oversight, which some synod members are requesting. Some conservatives in the diocese are also requesting the creation of a non-geographical diocese within the borders of New Westminster as a haven for those who “find themselves unable to remain in full communion with the bishop and diocese”. Synod members will vote on that motion, Motion 6, late June 15.


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