The Membership of the Primate’s Commission on Discovery, Reconciliation and Justice

Photo: Indigenous Ministries

Lydia Mamakwa, Northern Ontario

  • Oji-Cree Bishop of Northern  Ontario
  • member of the Anglican Council of Indigenous Peoples
  • First Indigenous woman bishop in Anglican Church of Canada
  • Delegate to the Anglican Indigenous Network
  • Lives in Kingfisher Lake

Jonas Allooloo, Arctic

  • Inuit
  • Dean of St. Jude’s Cathedral in Iqaluit
  • Interpreter of Inuktitut to English
  • Worked for over twenty years to translate the bible to Inuktituk

Verna Firth, Arctic

  • Inuvialiut living in Inuvik
  • past co-chair of Anglican Council of Indigenous Peoples
  • former member of COGs
  • former member of the Healing Response Committee for the Anglican Healing Fund
  • member of ACIP

Stuart “Bud” Smith, APCI

  • lawyer, business man in British Columbia
  • Born in Kamloops
  • former Chancellor for the Diocese of Cariboo, guided diocese through their dissolution
  • received the Anglican Award of Merit and understands the importance of Indigenous culture and has great respect for Indigenous elders.

Sidney Black, Calgary

  • Blackfoot from Siksika Nation, Alberta
  • Archdeacon of Native Ministries,  the Diocese of Calgary
  • Co-chair of ACIP
  • Graduate of Emanuel and St. Chad Theological Seminary
  • Delegate to the Anglican Indigenous Network
  • Priest

Andrew Wesley, Toronto

  • Mushkegouk Cree from James’ Bay
  • Former chair of ACIP
  • Pastoral counselor for the Council Fire Friendship Centre
  • Residential School survivor
  • Respected elder
  • Priest

Laverne Jacobs, Huron

  • former coordinator for the Council for Native Ministries, Anglican Church of Canada
  • Coordinator of Indigenous Ministries for the United Church of Canada
  • Priest
  • Elder member of ACIP
  • Walpole Island First Nations

Lily Bell, Caledonia

  • Haida
  • Member of the Native Council of Caledonia
  • Priest in Masset, Haida Village
  • Member of the Native Ministries Consortium, Vancouver School of Theology

Stanley McKay, Winnipeg

  • Former Moderator for the United Church of Canada
  • First Nations from the Fisher River Cree Nation, Manitoba
  • Residential School survivor
  • Advocated for the church’s apology, issued in 1986, for its role in cultural oppression of First Nation People

Amos Winter, Northern Ontario

  • Oji-Cree from Kingfisher Lake, Northern Ontario
  • member of the ACIP Governance Working Group
  • Priest

Sol  Sanderson, Saskatchewan

  • Cree First Nations’ Activist
  • leader in Government and education
  • Instrumental in the development of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations and the Assembly of First Nations.
  • Advisor for the development of the agreement for the Bishop of Indigenous Ministry in Saskatchewan

Ellie Johnson, Niagara

  • worked for General synod from 1987-2008
  • Served as Director of Partnerships for 12 years, Indigenous Ministry was a part of Partnerships
  • Served on the Mission and Evangelism Commission
  • helped negotiate the settlement agreement
  • worked to strengthen Indigenous Ministry after the 1993 Apology

John Bird, Toronto

  • Journalist, former staff member in the Communications Department of The Anglican Church of Canada
  • Special Assistant to the Primate on Residential  Schools
  • Former coordinator Aboriginal Justice and Right Relations
  • Advocate for Indigenous justice issues

Riscylla Shaw, Toronto

  • Priest
  • Member of Living  Waters Rights Group, Diocese of Toronto
  • Aboriginal  Ambassador
  • Has attended every Truth and Reconciliation Commission event

Terry Finlay, Toronto

  • Former Bishop of the Diocese of Toronto
  • Member of the Internal Working Group on Residential Schools at Church House
  • Primate’s Special Envoy on Residential Schools
  • Chaplain for the House of Bishops

Jennifer Henry, Toronto

  • Executive Director of KAIROS, a coalition of 11 Canada Church groups striving for social justice and human rights
  • has worked for KAIROS for twenty years including manager for Dignity and Rights
  • has attended several TRC events
  • from Manitoba where she was influenced by the Mennonite tradition of living out faith and the Catholic idea of working in solidarity with others, and the strong commitment to the social Gospel

Graydon Nicholas, Honorary member

  • Lt. Governor of New Brunswick
  • First Nation born and raised on the Tobique First Nation
  • Faithful Roman Catholic and lectured at the Vancouver School of Theology as part of the Native Ministries Consortium Summer School
  • First Indigenous person to receive a law degree in New Brunswick, also hold a Master of Social Work degree.

Fred Hiltz, Ex-officio
Mark MacDonald, Ex-officio
Ginny Doctor, Staff support


  • A young person will also be selected by the National Indigenous Anglican Bishop’s Youth Council. The entire Youth Council will be asked to attend the first meeting and then select a representative.
  • Two other Church House staff will be asked to provide support.
  • The first meeting will be convened by Terry Finlay who will also serve as co-chaplain. Andrew Wesley is the other co-chaplain.
  • The Office of the National Indigenous Anglican Bishop will provide funding for the first meeting.