Hospitality is an essential part of our witness as parish communities. We long for others to be drawn into God’s love in Christ and to share with us in God’s mission. When this happens, it is usually because we embody the good news of the kingdom that Jesus proclaimed.

Passionate spirituality is the essential characteristic of this persuasive embodiment of the good news, but what does it mean to embody the passion of Jesus?

Jesus’ passion to do God’s will led to his greater “Passion”—his suffering and death; his life given up for the life of the world. His resurrection was God’s vindication of that passion—a passion which now lives on in the body of his followers.

“Becoming the Story we Tell” is a process for re-entering the deep drama of the gospel, and restoring the connection between our baptism and our annual immersion in the story of Christ’s Passion.

The resources for this process are designed to foster reflection on story and sacrament. They aim to strengthen us in communal discernment and spiritual conversation. The resources focus on renewing us in our baptismal identity and calling.

As we become the story we tell, we will find courage to live passionately as witnesses to Christ, and to invite others to learn the way of Christ with us. And hospitality will be second nature to us.

Download Becoming the Story we Tell (updated December 2023)