Photo submissions for consideration in the Canadian Church Calendar are welcome through the form below.

Photos are requested by March 31 of the year prior to the applicable calendar year. Submissions received after this date will be considered for the calendar year occurring 20 months after the March 31 deadline. If you have any questions or concerns, email [email protected].

Photo submission criteria:
  1. Photos should be wide instead of tall. Vertically-oriented photos are less likely to be chosen as they do not often work with the horizontal orientation of the calendar.
  2. File size should be at least 1MB in size (one megabyte).
    (For the experts out there: images of 3500px wide or larger, 4:3 orientation are preferred. If you don’t know what this means, don’t worry about it! Just submit what you have.)
  3. Permission to submit the photo must be secured from anyone identifiable in the photo itself (or for minors in the photo(s), parent/guardian permission is required).
Additional tips:
  • Photos showcasing church building exteriors are popular among the calendar audience; photos which focus on people tend to be less popular.
  • Consider submitting photos from multiple seasons of the year. Offering a variety of images increase the potential of one being selected.
  • Let us know if your church or parish is celebrating an anniversary for the calendar year—it has made a difference in the selection process at times!

Please allow a few moments for the form to load below.