Discussions of human sexuality, and in particular homosexuality, have been at the forefront of church deliberations for many years now. Some dioceses have engaged in extensive discussions and study while others are just beginning. This section of the website is intended to provide information and resources to assist individuals, parishes and dioceses in their ongoing study.

General Synod 2010

Human sexuality statement produces historic moment in the life of the church” by Trina Gallop

General Synod 2007

At General Synod 2007 a variety of resolutions related to the blessing of same-sex unions were debated. Several of the resolutions have continuing implications for the life of the Church.

The Synod accepted the conclusion of the St. Michael Report that the blessing of same-sex unions is a matter of doctrine, but is not core doctrine in the sense of being credal and should not be communion breaking. In light of this, Synod further affirmed that the blessing of same-sex unions is not in conflict with the core doctrine, (in the sense of being credal). However, after long discussion and debate, the Synod did not affirm the authority of dioceses to authorize the blessing of same-sex unions. The discussions showed that many people want more opportunity to study and listen to determine whether this change is a theologically appropriate and Spirit-led development of doctrine.

Another resolution requested the Council of General Synod to consider a revision of Canon 21 (On Marriage) including theological rationale to allow marriage of all legally qualified persons and to report back to General Synod 2010.

The Primate’s Theological Commission consulted with dioceses and parishes and report before GS2010 on whether blessing same-sex unions is a ‘faithful, Spirit-led development of Christian doctrine and scripture’s witness to the integrity of every human person and the question of sanctity of human relationships’.

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