Dioceses in The Anglican Church of Canada have been engaged for many years in discussions around homosexuality, including the role of scripture. The following list is a short collation of essays written for Canadian Anglican discussions or recommended by Canadian dioceses representing a variety of perspectives.

  1. Welcoming in the Gentiles, Dr. Sylvia Keesmat (PDF file)
    Diocese of Toronto Consultation 2004
  2. Scripture & Authority, Dr. George Sumner (PDF file)
    Diocese of Toronto Consultation 2004
  3. Same Sex Unions and Biblical Fidelity:  Discerning the Spirit in Text and Context, Gary Hauch
    Diocese of Ottawa website
  4. The Bible and Homosexual Practice:  An Overview of Some Issues, Dr. Robert A.J. Gagnon
    Diocese of Ottawa Website
  5. Seeking to be Faithful in the Uneasy Middle, Dr. Terry Donaldson
    Parish Consultation, Diocese of Edmonton
  6. What is the Anglican Tradition? Scripture. Dr. Walter Deller
    Lecture Series, Diocese of Edmonton 2006