Companion diocese relationships pair Canadian dioceses and other dioceses in the Anglican Communion to:

  • Encourage and pray for one another
  • Learn and share each other’s joys and concerns
  • Participate in face-to-face, spiritual, and material exchanges.

Covenanted diocesan companionships are good examples of how prayer, people, visits, material resources, and funds enable and sustain relationships over time for local mission with Anglicans in other countries. Global Relations assists dioceses seeking to begin or strengthen companion relationships by suggesting potential global contacts, offering worship and covenant resources, and providing Joint Ministry Agreement information for sending funds abroad. Global Relations can also assist with information and opportunities for learning about intercultural faith experiences, leading parish mission and pilgrimage groups, and how best to send funds abroad.

“Companions walk together, side by side.  They share their experiences and their visions.  They support each other in their mission and rejoice in all that God has created. They are enriched and transformed by the mutual appreciation of their gifts.  Now each has more to give, and may continue to receive from new companions in an ongoing journey of faith. “