Council of General Synod 2016-2019

Province of Canada

  • The Rt. Rev. Bruce Myers, Bishop Co-Adjutor, Quebec
  • The Rev. Canon David Burrows,Clergy, Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Ms. Katie Puxley, Laity, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island
  • Mr. Larry Renouf,Laity, Western Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Ms. Rachel Barrett,Youth, Fredericton

Province of Ontario

  • The Rt. Rev. John Chapman, Bishop, Ottawa
  • The Rev. Canon Kevin Robertson, Clergy, Toronto
  • Canon Grace Delaney, Laity, Moosonee
  • Ms. Susan Little, Laity, Niagara
  • Ms. Siobhan Bennett, Youth, Niagara

Province of Rupert’s Land

  • The Rt. Rev. Fraser Lawton, Bishop, Athabasca
  • The Rt. Rev. Mark MacDonald, Bishop, Mishamikoweesh
  • The Rev. Vincent Solomon, Clergy, Rupert’s Land
  • Mr. Jason Antonio, Laity, Qu’Appelle
  • Mr. John Rye, Laity, Saskatchewan
  • Ms. Lucy Young, Laity, Arctic
  • Mr. Graham Ward, Youth, Edmonton

Province of British Columbia & Yukon

  • The Rt. Rev. Larry Robertson, Bishop, Yukon
  • The Rev. Clara Plamondon, Clergy, British Columbia
  • Ms. Melanie Delva, Laity, New Westminster
  • Dr. Randall Fairey,  Laity, Kootenay
  • Ms. Dale Drozda, Youth, ACPI/Territory of the People


  • Prolocutor: Ms. Cynthia Haines Turner, Laity, Western Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Deputy Prolocutor: The Ven. Dr. Lynne McNaughton, Clergy, New Westminster

Anglican Military Ordinariate of Canada

  • Lieutenant CMDR the Reverend   Beverly Kean-Newhook, Clergy