Members of the Anglican-United Church dialogue.

We invite you to read, to listen, and to ask with us whether God is calling us into a new stage in our common life.”

St. Brigid Report (2009)

Since its foundation in 1925, the United Church of Canada has worked in partnership with the Anglican Church of Canada. A number of local congregations of Anglicans and United Church people are a part of ecumenical shared ministries, and many of our ordained leaders train together in ecumenical schools of theology. At the national level, our two churches work together in ecumenical justice and advocacy initiatives.

The Anglican Church of Canada and the United Church of Canada negotiated an organic union in the 1970s that was never fulfilled. Since 2003, our two churches have been engaged in a new bilateral dialogue aimed at exploring the unity we already share, as well as considering new models for further deepening that unity.


Anglican Church of Canada:
  • Bishop (elect) Lynne McNaughton
  • Rev. Jean-Daniel Williams
  • Bishop Susan Bell
  • Bishop Nigel Shaw
  • ​Rev. Dr. Gordon Jensen (ELCIC)
  • Rev. Canon Dr. Scott Sharman (staff)

United Church of Canada:

  • Rev. Dr. Sandra Beardsall (co-chair)
  • Ms. Brenda Simpson
  • Rev. Ivan Gregan
  • Dm. Russell Mitchell-Walker
  • Rev. Dr. Andrew Richardson
  • Dr. Gail Allan (staff)

Anglican-United Church resources

  • Called to Unity in Mission (November 2016) – Report on the second phase of dialogue between the Anglican Church of Canada and the United Church of Canada from 2012 to 2016 compares theological and ecclesial understandings of creeds, sacraments, and orders of ministry within the two churches.
  • A Response to a Proposal for One Order of Ministry (January 2015) – Reflections from the Anglican-United Church Dialogue on a proposal to restructure the United Church of Canada’s categories of ministry.
  • A Word to the Comprehensive Review Task Group (February 2015) – Reflections from the Anglican-United Church Dialogue on plans to alter the ministry and governance structures of the United Church of Canada.
  • Interim Report (Vancouver, January 2014) – The interim report of the second iteration of the Anglican-United Church Dialogue.
  • The St. Brigid Report – The report of the Anglican-United Church Dialogue, 2003-2009.