According to the United Nations 2014 Global Report on Trafficking in Persons, the reported number of trafficked persons, traffickers and trafficking flows worldwide is but the tip of the iceberg. Today it is estimated close to 30 million people world wide are enslaved into forced labour and sexual exploitation. Actual numbers victimized by this basest of crimes is unknown.

Human trafficking happens everywhere but most victims are trafficked close to home, within the region of their country of origin, or within their home country itself, often by other citizens of that country.  Canada however, is also a transit and destination country for traffickers.

Among regions of the world, trafficking for sexual exploitation is highest in Europe and Central Asia, Africa and the Middle East and the Americas. Trafficking for forced labour and slavery like servitude prevails in East Asia, South Asia and Pacific.  Men, women and children from each of these regions are trafficked into and exploited within Canada

Work alongside Provinces of the Anglican Communion in Asia and the Pacific, Anglican Alliance, and regional ecumenical organizations raises awareness of these crimes and trafficking routes into Canada, advocates for improved monitoring and conviction of traffickers, and for the rights of enforced migrants.

Learn about the work of the Anglican Church of Canada and Asia Pacific partners in fighting human trafficking, and find out how you can get involved.