The Suicide Prevention Program responds to the tragedy of suicide, especially as it affects Indigenous youth.

  • Suicide rates in First Nations communities are twice the Canadian average.
  • First Nations youth have a suicide rate five to seven times higher than that of the national average.
  • Suicide rates among Inuit youth are 11 times the Canadian average.
  • Health professionals are referring to this situation as a “pandemic.”
  • More than 10 people commit suicide each day in Canada.
  • Youth suicide has tripled in Canada over the last 40 years. Indigenous youth are particularly at risk.
  • Canada is one of the few G8 countries not to have a national suicide prevention strategy.
  • According to the Centre for Suicide Prevention, a branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association, suicide and self-inflicted harm are the most common causes of death for First Nations youth and adults aged up to 44 years.