Image of a homeless person. Photo: Shutterstock

An estimated 400,000 people in Canada do not have a healthy place to live. Many in our society, notably the working poor, are unable to find affordable housing while others who are amongst the most vulnerable in our society lack a place called “home”. At the Joint Assembly in Ottawa in July 2013, Anglicans and Lutherans unanimously endorsed a shared commitment to:

  • learn more about the issues contributing to poverty, homelessness, and substandard housing
  • to act to support existing initiatives
  • to advocate renewed federal funding and a national housing strategy
  • and to pray for safe, affordable housing for all

Take action

National Housing Day, Nov. 22Annually, on Nov. 22, Lutherans and Anglicans are called to lift up National Housing Day, learn more about the issues contributing to poverty, homelessness and substandard housing, and advocate for changes.

Giving With Grace: Be a part of the solution. Your gift will help the church be actively involved in ending homelessness and support affordable housing.