Bishop’s Welcome

Bishop Shaw

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the website of the Anglican Military Ordinariate (AMO) of Canada. This is an initiative designed to share with you something of another unique ministry of our beloved church. The Ordinariate, while not a diocese, is composed of all of the Anglicans in the Canadian Armed Forces and while we are linked to bases, wings, and formations many of us are also members of parishes within dioceses as well as being members of military chapels. We are proud to be a part of the ministry of the Anglican Church of Canada and to be in touch and to be mutually encouraged is a blessing.

I became the Bishop Ordinary to the Canadian Armed Forces in May 2016. Having served as a military chaplain for over 30 years I found myself right at home within the AMO, a close-knit community that works with dedication and professionalism in the cause of establishing peace and justice in the world in which these things are elusive. The Armed Forces stand by to assist in times of emergency at home and abroad from security, flood and ice storms, search and rescue and humanitarian aid overseas. They stand into danger overseas. They spend long times at sea where 85% of the world’s commerce travels. They, the members of the Armed Forces and their families, make considerable sacrifices, including risk and separation from loved ones, to do the things that Canada asks them to do. I join other Canadians in being proud of and grateful for the men and women in uniform and their families and loved ones. I am proud that by God’s grace and often in the midst of turmoil we can witness to the presence of our Lord who even in darkness brings peace such as the world cannot give. May he continue “to guide our feet into the way of peace”.

I am proud of our chaplains. In the Regular Force there are 37 and in the Reserve Force there are 22, at last count, which means that our church contributes significantly to the chaplaincy of the Canadian Forces–approximately 18%. These chaplains come from dioceses across the country and we are grateful that they have been made available for this ministry. We are also grateful to parishes that allow their clergy to take some time for duties in the Reserve Force and regard this a part of their parish ministry. We hope to share some of their stories. I bid your prayers for them always–the chaplains of all denominations and faiths serving in the Royal Canadian Chaplain Service as well as our own.

We are grateful for the support of our Primate and for all of you for your encouragement and prayers and we thank you for visiting this window into our life and ministry.  May you feel that it is a part of your ministry and first and foremost the ministry of Jesus in which, to quote the Collect for the Feast of All Saints, “we are knit together into one holy Church, the mystical Body of Christ.”

Grace and Peace,


The Right Reverend Nigel Shaw
Anglican Bishop Ordinary to the Canadian Armed Forces

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