Vignettes of Anglican Military Chaplain Ministry

What is it like to be a military chaplain?  What does the ministry entail?  Some ministry vignettes are featured to give you a look inside the ministry of an Anglican Canadian Armed Forces Chaplain.


Wherever the Troops Are, the Chaplain Must Be

“The padre has come to visit us. He could have been with his family this Christmas but he wanted to be with us,” the Task Force Sergeant-Major (TF SM) said to the troops circling around to meet us. The Task Force Commander, TF SM, and I had just run from the helicopter landing zone, in full ‘battle rattle’ through the guarded entrance of the massive concrete walls of the compound housing the forward operating base (FOB). Surrounding us lay an ancient city—now in ruins.  [More..]

How Do You Prepare?
by Capt the Rev’d Mark Sceviour

“You really can’t prepare for being a military chaplain.” This might seem like an odd statement. Because there are lots of steps and many hoops one must go through to become a military chaplain. Even more steps if you happen to be an Anglican priest.  [More..]

GOSSE jg_IMG_1254sm

Ministry Among Recruits
by Cdr the Ven Jennifer Gosse

The Canadian Armed Forces trains all its new personnel at the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School (CFLRS) in St-Jean, QC.  There  are few places where a chaplain is more appreciated than in that context and that makes CFLRS a phenomenal place to do ministry.  [More..]

LAZ - IMG_1841From Afghanistan, to Mach 1.2, to “Desk-jockey”: Exceeding Anything I Could Have Asked or Imagined
By Maj the Rev’d Canon Steele Lazerte

After 5 years of civilian ministry and still at the tender age of 29, I found myself looking for an adventure. I still remember the phone call I made to the Chaplain General’s office on a Saturday afternoon in November of 2003.  [More..]

FRIESEN Padre photoex sm2Glimpse into the Life of an Anglican Chaplain with the Royal Canadian Navy
By LCdr (ret.) the Rev’d Jeannine Friesen

“The Padre needs a jump!” shouted the young sailor. And so, the next morning, I was on a bus in Pearl Harbor heading to the north coast of Oahu with a group from HMCS OTTAWA for a glorious day of sky diving.  [More..]

Padre Mintz in the spotter seat in the Herc

Heavenly Work: Hangar Line Chaplaincy
By LCol (ret.) the Rev’d Gordon Mintz

“Room!” barked the Squadron Chief Warrant Officer as he entered the theatre hall with the Commanding Officer, drawing the squadron to attention for the morning brief which would formally begin the day. This used to be called morning prayers and is a briefing about the daily weather, maintenance and flying schedule, and upcoming missions. Other announcements might include a word or two from the Padre.  [More..]