A Resource Guide for Discussions on Human Sexuality

Faith, Worship & Ministry Committee
The General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada


(updated July 16, 2007)


The Anglican Church of Canada has, over several years, engaged in a process of discernment on the issue of blessing same-sex unions. Some dioceses and parishes have done extensive study and discussion while others are beginning that process.

In 2007, General Synod requested that Faith, Worship and Ministry “..develop a process to engage dioceses and parishes of the Anglican Church of Canada in a study of Christian perspectives, reason, tradition and current scientific understanding of human sexuality.” As part of that process this Resource Guide has been updated to offer further materials to dioceses and parishes as they engage in that study..

The Committee offers the following:

  • Suggestions for establishing discussion guidelines
  • A gathered list of resources including study guides, bibliography, videos
    from the extensive materials already produced by dioceses, the national church and other churches
  • Terminology definitions for clarification

Discussing controversial topics can be difficult for us. Yet digging deeper into what we believe and how we live together can enrich our life as a Christian community. Let us engage in this process with courage and faith.