The Vancouver School of Theology

Continuing Education Certificate in Theological Studies is granted to students who successfully complete 12 Units of study in any mix of disciplines. The Certificate program is generally undertaken part-time, although the program can be completed full-time in one term of study. Certificate Units can be completed through weekend workshops, January Interterm and Summer School intensives, or 12-week Fall and Spring term courses.

Diploma in Theological Studies is a general program that is designed to provide theological enrichment and a solid base for lay ministry. It is a 24-credit hour program, which may be completed in two full-time terms, with an average workload of 40 hours per week. The Diploma may be taken part time over three years but must be completed by the end of the third year.

Diploma in Denominational Studies (Anglican) is designed to provide a solid foundation in the traditions and practices of the Anglican Church of Canada. It is an 18-credit hour program, and may be completed within one year of study.

Emmanuel and St. Chad

Licentiate in Theology consists of 20 courses to be taken over a two year period. Some courses are available in an online format, or as a summer intensive.

The Diploma in Anglican Studies was created to provide an orientation in Anglican thought and life for those who have already received considerable theological or pastoral training in another denomination.

The College of Emmanuel & St. Chad hosts summer programs including Summer School for Lay People and Readings in Retreat.

Thorneloe University

Diploma of Theology is designed for lay persons who are interested in increasing their knowledge of the Christian faith. It is not intended, of itself, to be a qualification for ordination or other professional service in the Church. It does help to provide a theological base for persons assuming leadership and ministry in the life of their church. The Dip.Th. Program is the equivalent of one year of full-time university study, but generally takes several years of part-time study to complete.

Certificate for Anglican Lay Leaders is designed for Anglicans who are Lay Leaders in their parishes or faith communities and are interested in increasing their knowledge of the Christian faith. It is not intended, of itself, to be a qualification for ordination or other professional service in the Church. It does help to provide a theological base for persons assuming leadership and ministry roles in the life of their church, such as Lay Readers. The C.A.L.L. Program is the equivalent of one half-year of full-time university study, but generally takes one to two years of part-time study to complete.

Non-Degree Studies Students may take specific theology courses without first being admitted to either the Dip.Th. or the B.Th. programs – either for general interest, or to earn credits that may be used towards a similar degree or diploma at another institution. Such individuals will have “Non-Degree” status at the School of Theology.

Huron University

Bachelor of Theology is a four-year Western University undergraduate degree, which can be combined with another module from the Faculty of Arts and Social Science.


Certificate in Theological Studies is a seven-credit program that provides a general foundation in theological knowledge and practice. It may provide academic background for those interested in submitting an application to the MA in Theological Studies. This program can be taken in-class or online, on a full-time or part-time basis. If taken on a full-time basis, this program can be finished in one academic year.

Wycliffe College

Certificate in Theological Studies is a short, flexible program (7 courses) offering students an opportunity to grow their theological and biblical knowledge. The program can be completed in one year of full-time studies or on a part-time basis.

Certificate in Anglican Studies is a one-year program designed for students seeking ordination in the Anglican Church who already have a degree in theology from another tradition, or a degree from Wycliffe other than the MDiv (such as the MTS). The purpose of the program is to acquaint the student with the essential elements of theological study in the Anglican tradition and to prepare them for ministry in the Church through field education courses. It can be completed full-time or on a part-time basis over the course of six years.

Montreal Diocesan Theological College

Reading and Tutorial Program is designed to provide the academic component of training for ordained ministry, but may also be taken by people simply interested in acquiring a good basic knowledge of Christian theology. The Program consists of twelve units of study. For each unit there are certain texts to be read and assignments to be written. There will also be at least two tutorial sessions. With hard work, the Program may be completed within two to three years of spare-time study. A limited number of exemptions may be granted for equivalent courses at university or seminary level taken elsewhere, either previously or under the College’s supervision. For non-ordination students, a Certificate of Completion is awarded upon satisfactory completion of the twelve Program units.

Certificate Courses in Christian Theology are offered by the Montreal School of Theology, of which MDTC is a member. These course offerings are intended to make theological education accessible to a wider range of students and lay people, who may be seeking deeper understanding of Christian faith and spiritual enrichment; wanting to pursue graduate theological education without earning a degree; and/or thinking about ordained ministry, but wanting to try some courses first. These courses are given academic credit at the Masters (M. Div.) level, which may later be applied to the College’s M.Div. or L.Th. Courses are offered evenings, weekends and other alternative schedules and modalities, in Montreal and Ottawa locations.

Atlantic School of Theology

Adult Education Certificate Program in Theological Studies, available on campus or on-line, is a two-year foundation program intended for persons who want a basic introduction to biblical and theological studies and who do no qualify for or do not wish to take credit courses or programs.

Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies Program is a ten-credit academic program that may be completed on campus, online or through a combination of on-campus and online courses. The GCTS parallels the first year of our graduate degree programs, and may serve as a time of discernment for further academic or professional needs. Credits obtained in the GCTS may be brought forward to a degree program at AST, subject to the requirements of the degree program.

Queen’s College

The Associate in Theology program is a course of study designed for persons who are interested in increasing their knowledge and appreciation of Christian belief and practice. As well as developing their pastoral skills, this program also provides a theological base for persons assuming leadership and ministry within the life of their faith community.

The Associate in Theology requires ten 2-credit courses, including a major and minor area of study. These courses may be taken on a full-time or a part-time basis, and are offered either on site at Queen’s College or by correspondence.

Diploma in Theology and Ministry is a weekend program for students interested in learning more about Scripture, Christian belief, personal spiritual development, and ministry. The program takes place over 8 weekends (Friday evening and Saturday) per year for three years. All work is completed in the class setting; there are no assignments or exams.