Archbishop Linda Nicholls

Despite our hopes that 2021 would be the year the pandemic ended we shared in a roller coaster of lockdowns; tentative reopening; and further lockdowns as well as a pervasive uncertainty. The arrival of vaccines was a welcome and hopeful sign but not enough to bring the pandemic to an end. Through it all, the staff of General Synod continued to fulfil the mandates of their work from home or the office – in isolation or on Zoom – with good cheer and steadfast commitment.

We continued to focus on preparations for General Synod 2022 in anticipation of being able by then to gather in person. Although that has now been postponed to 2023 – the work of the triennium continued. Here are just a few highlights of 2021:

  1. The Primate visited across Canada and around the world with parishes, groups, dioceses, and clergy through online conferences and meetings or occasionally – with great delight – in person. I met with the Primates of the Anglican Communion online –with bishops around the world in Lambeth Conference preparatory gatherings on Zoom and our own House of Bishops. Our Church remains resilient, compassionate and focused as sharing the Good News of God continues!
  2. Strategic Planning Working Group – continued to listen to Anglicans across Canada in discerning key aspirations for our national work. The intensive focus groups helped shape the proposed aspirations now affirmed by the Council of General Synod and ready to be fleshed out in time for General Synod 2023.
  3. Faith Worship & Ministry – finished production work on the Hymn Book Supplement that is now available; produced pastoral resources for transgender persons; initiated work towards a Moravian -Anglican dialogue among many other projects.
  4. Public Witness and Social & Ecological Justice – advocated on key issues of human trafficking; vaccine equity; poverty and housing and continue to prepare resolutions for GS for action by all Anglicans on environmental issues.
  5. Global Relations strengthened our Companion Diocese relationships and reviewed the guidelines for companionship work; continued advocacy for peace and justice with partners in Brazil and the Holy Land.
  6. Communications and Information Resources – kept us connected throughout the pandemic through the creation of national services, production of the Journal, news updates, web posts, social media and the work of Anglican Video.
  7. Indigenous Ministries – continued work towards a self-determining Indigenous Church – the Sacred Circle – to complete a proposed Covenant (Constitution) and ‘Our Way of Life’ (Canons) as a guide. 

The national office faced departures and welcomes as we grieved the sudden death of Ginny Doctor (Indigenous Ministries) in May 2021; we said goodbye to Hanna Goschy and welcomed a new CFO – Amal Attia among other changes in staff.

Through all the uncertainties and challenges the national staff have kept our focus on the mission and ministry of the gospel. We are grateful for the support of each diocese and all donors to Giving with Grace who make our work possible. Not even a lingering pandemic could stop the good work being done.

Thanks be to God! 

+Linda Nicholls

The Most Rev. Linda Nicholls