These liturgies from the Book of Alternative Services and supplements have been translated into French.

Download a PDF of these French liturgies:

  • Le baptême / Holy Baptism
  • La sainte eucharistie / Holy Eucharist
  • Le mariage dans le cadre d’une eucharistie / Marriage with the Holy Eucharist
  • Les funérailles Première forme / Funeral Liturgy Form 1

Download a PDF of these French liturgies:

  • Prières universelles / litanies
  • Le propre de l’année / the Proper of the Church Year
  • L’ordination d’un évêque ou une évêque / The ordination of a bishop
  • L’ordination des prêtres / The ordination of a priest
  • L’ordination des diacres / The ordination of a deacon
  • Le service de la Parole II / A Service of the Word (fromEucharistic Prayers, Services of the Word, and Night Prayer)

From the Diocese of Montreal, Liturgical resources in English and French.