Canadian Forces Chaplaincy (Anglican)

H/Brig Rt. Rev. G. A. Wells,CMG, ED

1939-1942 – Principal Chaplain (P)

1943-1945 – Chaplain of the Fleet (P)

Anglican Bishop Ordinary

1952-1969 – Rt. Rev. I.A. Norris, BA, DD

1969-1970 – Rt. Rev. J.O. Anderson, MC, CD, BD, DD

1970-1977 – Rt. Rev. H.F. Appleyard, MC, CD, BA, DD

1977-1980 – Most Rev. G. F. C. Jackson, BA, DD, DCNL

1980-1986 – Most Rev. R.L. Seaborn, CdeG, MA, BD, DD, LLD, DCL

1986-1992 – Rt. Rev. J.C.M. Clarke, LTH, BD, DD

1992-1998 – Rt. Rev. R. Hatton, BA, LTh, STB, STM, PhD, DD

1998-2004 – Most Rev. A.S. Hutchison, LTh, DD, GCLJ, MMLJ

2004-Present – Rt. Rev. Peter R. Coffin, MA, STB, DD

Crest of the Anglican Military Ordinariate.