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Item description, date. File title. Collection or fonds title or short form, Accession / Series / Box/ File number, Repository (Anglican Church of Canada/General Synod Archives).

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The usual practice is to make the first citation in full and then in subsequent citations use short forms.  The other alternative is to provide a list of repositories and collections used with short forms at the beginning of the endnotes and just use the short forms in the citations. (See Bibliography section below)

July 12 1884, Isaac O. Stringer Diary 1884, Stringer family fonds, M74-3 / 1.B.1, Anglican Church of Canada / General Synod Archives, Toronto (ACC/GSA).

October 30 1889, Isaac O. Stringer Diary 1889-1890, Stringer fonds, M74-3 /1.B.3, ACC/GSA.

Reed [Pfeufer] letter to F.H. Smyth, [n.d.].  B-5  FHS: Personal, 1928-1950. Society of Catholic Commonwealth fonds, M90-01, Box 3.  Anglican Church of Canada / General Synod Archives (ACC/GSA).

Paul Haldeman interview with T.M. Brown, Brockline, MA, 23 July, 1983 – notes.   BR-5  F.H.Smyth – SCC: Putnam Ave. Oratory, 1938-1946. Terry Brown fonds, M2003-03, Box 16.  ACC/GSA.


Anglican Church of Canada / General Synod Archives, Toronto (ACC/GSA)

M74-3  Stringer family fonds, (Stringer fonds)

M90-01 Society of Catholic Commonwealth fonds (SCC fonds)

M2003-03  Terry Brown fonds