1. The General Synod Archives (GSA) of the Anglican Church of Canada is mainly concerned with collecting and preserving the records that capture the history of the General Synod and its related functions.

2. The GSA is also committed to preserving the records of individuals and inter-church organizations involved with the General Synod or the national Anglican Church. Therefore, the GSA does accept the papers of missionaries, and other national Anglican institutions that have no archival program, for the sake of preserving Anglican history.

3. The General Synod Archives collects all forms of records: textual, graphic, audio-visual, and automated. The only exception is artifacts.

4. The GSA does not collect records that pertain to a specific diocese, such as bishops’ papers, parish registers, diocesan synod officers. All such offers will be redirected to the respective diocese. The exception to this is the diocese of the Arctic and the Diocese of Keewatin for which the GSA holds deposit agreements.

5. Prospective donors will meet with an archivist to discuss the terms of the deposit: copyright, restrictions, etc. The agreement will be put in writing and signed by both individuals.