Vancouver School of Theology

The Master of Divinity degree program is for those seeking an academic program with practical applications within which to explore the depth of their faith and prepare for a variety of public and pastoral ministries. This 90-credit hour degree may be completed in three years of full-time study or it may be completed on a part-time basis. VST has a relationship with UBC’s Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies Department that allows VST students to take graduate courses offered by that department as electives. Students are also welcome to take advantage of course offerings at Regent College.

The purpose of the Master of Divinity Honours degree is to give an enhanced preparation to students who are considering doctoral study and a teaching career, but who also want the full scope of preparation offered by the M.Div degree. It will also provide the church with pastors and other leaders who have highly developed skills in specific areas of ministry, theology, spirituality, history, or bible. The program adds an additional 15 credit hours to the regular M.Div program for a total of 105 credit hours. Students entering this program should plan carefully in advance and should be aware that, in some cases, it may not be possible to complete the program in three years of study.

Emmanuel and St. Chad

The Master of Divinity is a three-year, 90 credit program to prepare students for ordained ministry. In addition to giving solid grounding and depth in biblical and theological areas, the program seeks to develop pastoral skill in the areas of creative, vital and energizing liturgical and parish leadership geared toward engaging congregations, whatever their size, with growing in the mission of the church, rural and urban, in a multicultural context. A unit of CPE and a supervised field internship are built into the final year curriculum. The program has also been designed to allow considerable flexibility around the entry and exit stages of the program, including the possibility of doing a portion of the studies by distance education. Honours M.Div requires a Biblical language and a thesis.

The Bachelor of Theology prepares candidates for ordained ministry but is designed for those who do not have a completed undergraduate degree.

Huron University

Master of Divinity A three-year post-baccalaureate degree (when taken full-time) to prepare students for ordained ministry. The program includes courses in academic and practical theology, a field education component, and a Transcultural Learning Experience.


Master of Divinity involves 30 credits, one credit being given for each semester course successfully completed. Courses are offered at Trinity College and at the other cooperating schools of the Toronto School of Theology, and are listed in the TST Course Calendar. The fourth semester is normally centred on a parish internship. Students must also complete certain College program requirements: liturgical and spiritual formation, and a supervised parish placement.

Master of Divinity (Honours) includes a thesis.

Master of Divinity/Master of Arts Combined Degree Program. It is possible to earn these two degrees in one combined degree program in four years rather than five. Students may obtain advanced standing of up to five credits toward the Master of Arts on the basis of work done toward the Master of Divinity. The program is offered in collaboration with the University of St. Michael’s College.

Licentiate of Theology. Students in the Master of Divinity program may be awarded the L.Th. upon the completion of twenty credits.

Diploma in Ministry is designed to allow persons holding an academic degree in theology to achieve equivalency to a Master of Divinity degree in order to quality as candidates for ordination. The requirements for the diploma should normally be completed in one calendar year beginning in mid-April. Academic requirements include: a unit of Supervised Pastoral Education (April-June); a Supervised Field Education Internship of 26 weeks at 20 hours per week (September – April); and four or more courses chosen in order to fill gaps in the student’s previous education.

Wycliffe College

Master of Divinity is a three-year academic program (30 credits) intended primarily for persons training for ordained ministry. The program is designed to offer students theological, personal, and vocational formation, as well as to develop professional competencies. The MDiv requires a minimum of two semesters of full-time, in-person study, while the remainder of the degree can be completed part-time and/or at a distance.

Field Education is an important component, including two year-long placements of ten hours per week (September to April) and a summer internship usually lasting a minimum of three months full-time.

MDiv students choose from a number of concentrations, allowing them to focus their studies based on interest and calling.  These concentrations include missional congregational leadership, church planting, urban leadership, theological studies, biblical studies, and Anglican studies.

St. Paul

Master in Divinity is a three-year (90 cr.) graduate program, requiring a B.A. or equivalent for admission but no prior theological training. Its purpose is to provide students a general theological education and a professional formation in preparation for ordained and lay ministries and general pastoral leadership in Christian communities and other faith-based agencies serving the wider society. Students in the Anglican Studies stream of the M.Div. will follow compulsory courses in theology, including two with particular Anglican focus. While the program may be completed on a part-time basis, students are required to register full-time for at least one year with a view to the integration of academic study, supervised field experience, and personal formation.

Montreal Diocesan Theological College

Master of Divinity The M.Div. program is integrated with the B.Th. program of the Faculty of Religious Studies of McGill University: students earn a B.Th. in the academic disciplines of theology, and then complete it with the Montreal School of Theology’s In-Ministry Year to earn the M.Div. degree, which is awarded by the College on the authority of the MST. Normally, students with an undergraduate degree are admitted to the two-year (60 credit) B.Th., for a total of three years for the M.Div. Students over the age of 35 without a previous degree may earn the M.Div. as a first degree; in this case, the B.Th. will be a three-year (90 credit) program. The In-Ministry Year involves a half-time supervised field placement, and half-time classroom work in the practice of ministry.

Diploma in Ministry Students who complete the In-Ministry Year without completing the M.Div. receive the Dip.Min. from the College. This applies to students who transfer in from other programs, or students without a previous degree who do not qualify for the M.Div. The In-Ministry Year program is identical for M.Div. and Dip.Min. candidates.

Licentiate in Theology In special circumstances, and with the approval of the candidate’s bishop, arrangements may be made for a student to undertake two years of full-time theological study under the College’s direction (usually either at McGill or Concordia University). Upon successful completion of the In-Ministry Year, the student is eligible for the College’s Licentiate in Theology (L.Th.) and Diploma in Ministry (Dip.Min.). The L.Th. is also awarded to students who successfully complete the College’s Reading & Tutorial Course and the In-Ministry Year.

Atlantic School of Theology

Master of Divinity is designed primarily, but not exclusively, for persons preparing for ordained or professional ministry. It requires 30 single semester credits earned over a period of between three (full-time) and seven (part-time) years. An initial cluster of ‘Foundation Courses’ in Scripture, Theology, Pastoral Studies and Worship inaugurate the course of study. Supervised Field Education placements are made in the first two years of the program. In the final year of study, the Graduate Project and Seminar in the Practice of Ministry enables students to design and undertake significant pastoral research in conjunction with a self-selected field setting. The remainder of the program – roughly two-thirds of the total number of courses – consists of electives. Students will encounter and wrestle with critical bodies of knowledge and develop skill sets in each of the pastoral, theological and scriptural fields of study. Opportunities for Clinical Pastoral Education, the study of biblical languages, and completion of a thesis, as well as regular denominational formation programs, may be accommodated within this program of study.

Students may also earn the M.Div. through a “Summer Distance” program.

Queen’s College

Master of Divinity is a course of study in theology at a graduate professional level. This program requires a minimum of three years of full-time study. It consists of 25 three-credit courses, and a fifteen week internship. One unit of CPE is required.

Bachelor of Theology is a program designed for ordination-track students over the age of 35, who have not previously completed an undergraduate degree and are thus not eligible for admission to the M.Div. Postulants must first complete ten 3-credit courses in the humanities at an accredited institution as a prerequisite for admission.

The requirements for the program are similar to those for the M.Div.: 25 3-credit courses, one unit of CPE, and a 15-week internship, completed over three years of full-time study.