By Rémi Carreiro from Toronto, Canada (Trinity Quad) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Trinity College, Toronto

St John’s College

Winnipeg, Man.
St. John’s College was started in 1866, and became one of the founding colleges of the University of Manitoba in 1877, and offered instruction in both general arts and theology. The College hosts many University of Manitoba classes, and offers a residence for up to 100 students.

Thorneloe University

Sudbury, Ont.
Founded in 1961, Thorneloe University is an interdisciplinary centre of teaching, learning and research, affiliated with the Anglican Church of Canada. As a Federated partner of Laurentian University, Thorneloe University is home to the departments of Classical Studies, Religious Studies, Theatre Arts and Women’s Studies. Thorneloe works collaboratively with Laurentian and Cambrian College in the Bachelor of Fine Arts Program, and with Laurentian in the B.A. in Ancient Studies, and in the M.A. in Humanities Program. Thorneloe is home to the groundbreaking Motion Picture Arts program. Thorneloe also maintains a Residence of 58 single rooms.

Canterbury College

Windsor, Ont.
Canterbury College was founded in 1957, and affiliated with Assumption University, making Canterbury the first Anglican College in the world to affiliate with a Roman Catholic University. It is now one of several colleges affiliated with the secular University of Windsor, providing student accommodation and an Anglican chaplaincy program. In collaboration with Huron College, it offers introductory courses in theology leading to an L.Th. It also offers ElderCollege, a program for those over the age of 55.

Huron University College

London, Ont.
Huron College was founded as a theological college in 1863. In 1877, the College founded Western University, and it has retained an affiliation with Western to this day. In the 1950s it moved to its present location, and saw major growth with the establishment of a Faculty of Arts and Social Science. Huron offers a number of programs in the humanities and social sciences, which can be taken in conjunction with Western programs.

Renison College

Waterloo, Ont.
Renison was founded in 1959 under the authority of the Synod of the Anglican Diocese of Huron, and continues to enjoy support from the Anglican community. Affiliated with the University of Waterloo, it offers residence space for 220 students. Academic programs include Honours Arts, Honours Arts and Business, Social Development, and Social Work.

Trinity College

Toronto, Ont.
Trinity College was founded in 1851, incorporating the earlier Theological Institution which was moved from Cobourg. In 1904 it federated with the University of Toronto, and continued to teach Arts and Divinity as a federated college within the university. Trinity is the smallest of the downtown colleges of the University of Toronto, with about 1800 students studying through the University`s Faculty of Arts and Sciences. In this framework, Trinity sponsors three interdisciplinary undergraduate programs (Ethics, Society, and Law; International Relations; and Immunology), as well as the Margaret MacMillan Trinity One Program, and several seminar courses, especially for first-year students.

Bishop’s University

Lennoxville, Que.
Bishop’s was founded in 1843 under the sponsorship of the Rt Rev G.J. Mountain, the Anglican Bishop of Quebec. It remained under the aegis of the Church of England until 1947 when the Corporation of the University was reconstituted as a nondenominational body. Today Bishop’s is a predominantly residential, undergraduate university with approximately 2200 students. Bishop’s offers B.A, B.B.A, B.Ed., B.Sc, M.A., M.Ed., M.Sc programs

University of King’s College

Halifax, N.S.
King’s College was founded in Windsor, N.S., in 1789, making it the oldest English-language university in Canada. In 1920 it moved to Halifax, and entered into an affiliation with Dalhousie University. Specific King’s programs include the Foundation Year, a first year survey of Western culture; majors in Contemporary Studies, Early Modern Studies, and the History of Science and Technology; as well as Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in journalism.