• International Anglican Liturgical Consultation
  • Liturgy Canada – promoting discussion about liturgy and mission.
    From the introduction to their website: Liturgy Canada is a society of men and women committed to the ongoing renewal of the Church in worship and mission.  Our ministry is to provide resources which focus the debate, inform the practice and evaluate the experience of our liturgical life. Liturgy Canada originated as The Hoskin Group in 1990 to produce and publish resources for implementation of the Book of Alternative Services. The newsletter presents our views and welcomes the insights to liturgy of others engaged in liturgical renewal.  It also markets our books, which are published in cooperation with the Anglican Book Centre. Changing technologies will present future challenges.  No one knows the future of liturgical resources, but Liturgy Canada is serious about wanting to share ideas. The Executive Committee of Liturgy Canada is made up of clergy and lay people from British Columbia, Alberta, southern Ontario and Nova Scotia.  New Diocesan and local representatives are always welcome.”
  • The Prayer Book Society of Canada
    From the introduction to their website: “Promoting the understanding and use of the Book of Common Prayer as a spiritual system of nurture for life in Christ. …The PBSC is a national organization dedicated to promoting the Book of Common Prayer – the official (but often under-appreciated) standard of faith and worship for the Anglican Church of Canada.
  • Associated Parishes for Liturgy and Mission
    From the introduction to their website: “The Associated Parishes for Liturgy and Mission is an association of people in the Episcopal Church of the USA, the Anglican Church of Canada, and sister churches who share a passion for liturgy that is well done, appropriate to the culture and context, and revelatory of God’s lively mission in the world. It was founded in 1946 out of a deep frustration that Morning Prayer was none of these things. The Council of Associated Parishes functions as a kind of “liturgical think tank”, studying, imagining, and sharing our experiences of different expressions of liturgy.”
  • The North American Association for the Catechumenate is “an ecumenical organization which provides training and support for churches engaged in the process of baptismal conversion and making Christian disciples.”