(can be easily adapted for a diocese or group within the parish or diocese)


To provide recommendations for action to the parish to improve the way volunteers are engaged and treated.


3-5 members, one being a clergy person from the parish, preferably the rector or incumbent.

Method of Selection:

Appointed by the Parish Council.

Term of Office of Members/Period of Mandate for Committee:

4-6 weeks

Reporting Relationship/Frequency of Reporting:

The Planning Team will prepare a report at the conclusion of their work and present it to the Parish Council for consideration and action.


  • Together, watch and discuss using the Guide the three webinars, Engaging Church Volunteers: A Deeper View of Stewardship.
  • Assess the current state of volunteer engagement in the parish’s ministry, pointing to what is going well and what needs some improvement.
  • Applying knowledge gleaned from experts in volunteer engagement in churches, suggest action for the parish to implement, both short terms “wins” and longer term initiatives.
  • Write a report to guide parish decision-making on volunteer engagement.
  • Present the report to the Parish Council.
  • Advocate for (and possibly participate in) the implementation of this report.

Resources Available:

A Guide for the four-week process, the three webinars, and the other required documents are available through the Anglican Church of Canada’s website.