On the Threefold Orders of Ministry

International Anglican Liturgical Consultation The Berkeley Report (PDF) on Anglican Ordination Rites. Gives theological background to the understanding of priesthood, the diaconate, the episcopate, and the ministry of the baptised.

The Diaconate

“The diaconate of the Anglican churches is an historic order, with roots in the ancient church, adapting to the needs of the church and the world in our own age. Like the other two orders, the episcopate and the presbyterate, it is a gift from God for the nurture of God’s people and the proclamation of God’s gospel. It is closely linked with the ordained diaconate of other ecumenical bodies, especially the Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and some Methodist and Lutheran churches.

Deacons are symbols of Christ and his church,
filled with grace and power through ordination.

Deacons function in ministries of liturgy, word, and charity. They serve directly under the bishop of a diocese and help to carry out the bishop’s ministry. Bishops normally assign deacons to special responsibility for mercy and justice. Dioceses usually require that prospective deacons already serve in specialized ministries among the poor, sick, and oppressed. Once ordained, deacons exercise leadership among the faithful, encouraging, training, and organizing them for various ministries. In many ways the vision of the historic diaconate has become a reality in our time.

“Deacons are agents of the church in word, action, and attendance,
who lead the people of God
in carrying the light of Christ into places of darkness.”

North American Association for the Diaconate

The Priesthood

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The Episcopate (Bishops)

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