The goal of this program is to create the means by which the members of the Council of the North may share our resources while we share the faith. The outcome will be a searchable list of resources which Council members are willing to share with one another. These resources will include pdf files, print resources, DVDs, locally-produced programs, resource personnel, and whatever other materials Council members have either purchased or developed in support of God’s mission.

Fill in one form for each resource your diocese is able to share. Fill in each line of the form as appropriate. For each resource, please indicate the name of the diocese and some keywords that will give some indication of the subject matter and theme of the resource. For example, “stewardship”, “financial development”, “discipleship”, “mission”, “Lay Readers”, “Bible Study”, “Canons”, etc. You will also be prompted to indicate the format, for example, “DVD”, “pdf file”, “printed workbook”, “printed course outline”, “CD”, “computer program on CD”, etc.

If you have any questions about the form please contact the communications team by email at [email protected].

NOTE: It is up to the diocese sharing the resource and the individual borrowing it to ensure that all licensing and copyright requirements are satisfactorily upheld.