The membership of the Council of the North is made up of all the bishops that have regions within the Council of the North and the General Synod Treasurer.

Bishops of the Council of the North

From West to East:

Diocese of Caledonia – Bishop David Lehmann

Diocese of Yukon – Bishop Larry Robertson

Territory of the People – Bishop Barbara Andrews

Diocese of the Arctic – Bishop David Parsons

Diocese of the Arctic – Suffragan Bishop Darren McCartney

Diocese of Athabasca – Bishop Fraser Lawton

Diocese of Saskatchewan – Bishop Michael Hawkins

Diocese of Saskatchewan – Diocesan Indigenous Bishop, Adam Halkett

Diocese of Brandon – Bishop William Cliff (Chair)

Indigenous Spiritual Ministry of Mishamikoweesh – Bishop Lydia Mamakwa

Diocese of Moosonee – Archbishop Colin Johnson


General Synod

Treasurer – Hanna Goschy