CollageCofNWelcome on behalf of the Council of the North!

We would like to encourage your parish to host a Council of the North Sunday this year. This special Sunday would be an opportunity for your congregation to come together in awareness, fellowship and prayer for this important ministry in our church.

For every one hundred dollars that Anglicans give to their local congregations across this country, approximately one dollar of it goes to support the work of the Council. On this chosen Sunday, you may wish to designate a part of the offering or take up a special collection for the Council or for one of our highlighted ministries: nurturing northern leaders or helping to honor clergy in northern communities.

From all of us who live, work and worship in Anglican churches in the north, thank you for partnering with us as we move from a mission shaped by structure to a structure that is shaped by mission.

Please visit our resource page to download or order resources for assisting your parish in planning and hosting a Council of the North Sunday.

The Rev Jonas Allooloo of the Diocese of the Arctic visits Christ Church Bells Corners in the Diocese of Ottawa:

In March 2014, St. Olave’s in the Diocese of Toronto hosted a Council of the North Sunday:

Please send all Donations to:

Council of the North
c/o Resources for Mission
80 Hayden Street
Toronto, Ontario  M4Y 3G2

For questions or  more information, please contact Council of the North Communications at: [email protected].