Articles, letters, and writing by the National Indigenous Anglican Archbishop.

A message from Anglican, Lutheran leaders for Earth Day 2022 April 19, 2022 - This past year has provided many examples of the urgent need to take bold action to protect God’s Creation.
Sacred Circle’s living documents now available February 27, 2022 - This letter from the National Indigenous Anglican Archbishop has been published in tandem with the initial release of The Sacred Circle’s living documents, The Covenant and Our Way of Life.
A Christmas message from the National Indigenous Anglican Archbishop December 22, 2021 - In this short video message the National Indigenous Anglican Archbishop, The Most Rev. Mark MacDonald, invites us to celebrate the birth of Jesus and how His birth into our hearts, community, and home is especially important during these difficult times.
Primate and National Indigenous Archbishop host Sunday prayer service for B.C. November 18, 2021 - On Sunday, November 21 at 5:30pm Eastern (2:30pm Pacific), Archbishop and Primate Linda Nicholls and National Indigenous Anglican Archbishop Mark MacDonald will host "A Vigil for British Columbia".
A letter from Anglican, Lutheran leaders about the 2021 federal election September 7, 2021 - What kind of a Canada do you desire? How is that desire rooted in your spiritual convictions as a follower of the way of Jesus Christ? Let’s talk about that in our churches, discuss it with candidates in our ridings, pray about it in the deep longing of our hearts, bear witness to it in our public discourse, and seal it with a vote that thoughtfully considers what will make our country a good place for all, and therefore a good place for each of us.