Today Sacred Circle members celebrated another step towards a self-determining, Indigenous church. A large group from Manitoba presented a proposal for an Indigenous bishop who will serve Indigenous communities within the civil province of Manitoba, which has three Anglican dioceses: Keewatin, Brandon, and Rupert’s Land.

“The presentation moved me to tears,” said one memory keeper, “because we fulfilled the dreams of our elders.”

Members also celebrated the election of Adam Halkett, who was elected July 28 as the first Indigenous diocesan bishop in the Diocese of Saskatchewan. Bishop-elect Halkett will serve alongside the current diocesan bishop, the Right Rev. Michael Hawkins, with a mandate to serve Indigenous congregations within the diocese.

Memory keepers noted that while some communities are making great steps towards self-determination, others are struggling.

Tonight members of the Nisga’a Nation spoke about many challenges in their diocese and their community’s need for spiritual renewal.